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Shipping Information - Terms & Conditions - Payment Method - Ordering - Policy and Procedure - Returns - Claims

NOTE* The information provided on this page is the - FINE PRINT ! There is a lot of information included in this section. Please scroll down to the area of interest and read all prior to ordering or filing a claim etc. You will find that we took the time to answer questions you may have and will want to know about. Should you require additional information not covered here, please Email: LaceHaystack

In the subject line - please put ATTN: Betty - Inquiry


The Lace Haystack ships directly to you from our warehouse. A sample of USA shipping rates are shown below. (scroll down to graph - way down!)

We process your order as swiftly as possible. Most generally within 72 hours. (this depends a lot on the time of year .. the closer we get to Christmas, the longer the turn-around time.) Some hand-made items may take between two to four weeks so plan ahead. When we ship out your order, 'specials/blowout/etc.' if possible we will use USPS, however, if the items are heavier, the parcel is too large or a variety of other reasons we will use UPS, Fed Ex etc. to keep cost down as much as possible. Although we state you will pay additional freight, rarely do you like that, so this has turned out to be the fairest method of handling those situations.

You may be able to choose what method you wish to have your product shipped and will be charged the appropriate additional fees for Next Day Air, UPS, Fed Ex. *** NOTE!! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FEES are for the most part more expensive than those listed for USA. There is a $10.00 service fee for all International parcels as we now Must go in person when shipping International parcels. You will be charged for the higher fees - if you want shipment via Next Day Air, Airmail or Global Priority, please let us know in the special instruction area during check out or we will choose for you. Also note International buyers - when shipping using small parcel shipping that does not allow insurance or tracking we can not be responsible for delivery. Not all countries have the excellent shipping companies that we have here in the USA. Your shipping fees may need be higher (sent via insured means and via Air, not ground delivery) to insure delivery. We have no control over your parcel once it leaves the USA and have found it nearly impossible to track small parcels.

Within the USA, we regularly use USPS Insured Tracking Confirmation Mail, FedEx or UPS. The shipping fees on our graph are based on USA USPS rates - and could vary depending on the total weight of the parcel, insurance amount and tracking. As a rule of thumb, the insurance, handling and tracking confirmation is added in. The major exception is with orders over $400.00. You will be assessed additional insurance/tracking fees on each box. (please refer to statement under graph box for clarification.)

Please take note, if you choose a carrier other than USPS or FedEx, additional fees may be incurred and you will be charged accordingly.

We are not in the shipping business! You will however pay what it costs us to ship, handle, insure and track your package. The shipping graft is an approximate cost of what it will cost to ship to you as of 2005, not always an exact cost. Bottom line - we expect to collect all shipping costs, insurance costs and handling fees for each order based on our minimum charge.

It is difficult for us to predict shipping charges because everything weighs a different amount and must be boxed, sometimes, into two or three different boxes. The amount we charge you for shipping, handling, insurance will usually be on your invoice, that is included in with your parcel when possible. (there are some times we will charge the freight after shipping to assure you the least amount of expense) If your parcel weight is greater than calculated via the dollar amount of your order and additional shipping fees are incurred, your final fees will be charged to your credit card and this amount will become the total amount. Our shopping cart does the addition for you, for the most part, (this may and sometimes does vary on 'heavier' items) so you may not know the exact shipping charge during check out - it is usually fairly close and if greater usually not by more than a few dollars.

Shipping via several different carriers to all parts of the world is very complicated. There are loads of exceptions, tons of different requirements, lots of conditions and situations to adjust for and we have never spoken with anyone who understands it 100%. We simply do our best. Give us a hand and help us out if you have a preference of how you want your product shipped. If you do not give us instructions on what your needs are, we will ship your order the way that we think is best. * Note * Our shipping rate chart is based on 2005 US Postal Service shipments. The graft is Not for International, but will give you a base rate (add in the handling fee of $10.00 for counter service) plus the additional fees if any for shipping International. Email if you have questions. We have found that International shipping by ground is less expensive however, we have been unable to track packages or locate if not delivered. We suggest you choose the higher priced shipping via Air and Insured to give a means to track your parcel and to insure your investment. We wish all countries were as efficient as the US shippers, but have found this not to be the case.

Approximate Shipping Rate/Fee Graph:

Merchandise Total up to 19.99 20.00


















S/H $6.95 $8.95 $9.95 $11.95 $12.95 $13.95 $15.95 $17.95 from $19.95-$49.99 $50.00 or less

FOB Boring or Portland, Oregon.

Flat rate shipping on orders over $400.00 does NOT include insurance or tracking fees, if over flat rate amount. Insurance and T/C will be assessed at a per-box charge of product total dollar amount included in each box. (You may check at the USPS web site for an estimate of insurance and tracking fees)

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All inquires may be directed to:

The Lace Haystack
PO Box 593
Boring, OR 97009-0593


(the above number is not a fax #)


Email: LaceHaystack

Web Address:


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Certified Checks, and Personal Checks.

*NOTE * ALL Personal Checks must include your Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode, Phone number WITH area code AND driver's license number. NO Exceptions! We use a national check processing company, all of this information is required by them, so should you choose to use a personal check, this information IS required. This means that when you send us a check for product ordered, freight, insurance etc., by signing your check you promise to have the funds available. If you do not, and the check can not be processed, you will deal with our check processing company, lawyers & Oregon court system. You will be charged a minimum fee of $25.00 in addition to whatever fees your bank levies on you, our lawyers & the court systems. Our check processing company will go after the funds via whatever means are necessary to collect.


Ordering is simple. All you need to do is to click on any image. You will be taken to our secure on-line shopping cart. Here you have two choices. You may continue shopping by clicking the button that says 'continue shopping' or proceed to the check out. Once to the check out, you will choose your payment method. All purchases can be made securely right here. (To know you are on a secure site, when you are in the information field, you will see the little 'lock' is in the Lock position.) Fill in ALL of the information. Click to submit and that's it. We receive your order. Now, although our shopping cart provides you with your total … should we be out of one or more of the items you have ordered you will NOT be charged the total amount shown to you. We DO NOT bill for items not sent. We DO NOT bill until your order has been 'picked'. You may receive an email, provided you supplied us with your valid email address, with the total charges. This email, if sent, will also serve as a confirmation that your parcel will be sent within the next day or so. (no changes can be made once your confirmation of charge is received or the parcel has been sent... we reserve the right to charge a 25% restocking fee on cancelled, wrong address or refused orders - You ARE Responsible for freight charges BOTH ways.) Sale items may be sold out by the time your order processes as all orders are filled on a first come basis. (you will need to indicate, in the special instructions area during check out, you want your order shipped complete or only items available at time of processing will be sent.)
Expect your priority parcel in three days, six at the most. You may want to notify your postal carrier that you are expecting a parcel and give them any special instructions you may have to complete delivery. (if your parcel is not sent priority it may take a week or longer to arrive so try not to worry) Overseas, Internationl shipping is a guessing game as to arrival time .. we've never been able to figure it out. A detailed invoice will be included in your parcel. **Note - When using credit card for purchase, PLEASE provide us with the address that your credit card bills are sent to as the primary or first address. If you wish to have your parcel sent to a new address, work address, friend or anywhere else, please use the Ship To Address area for that information. If the primary address provided does not match what the Credit Card Company has on file, your charge can not be processed and your order will not be sent. Any special instructions you have for us may be included in the Special Instructions box, this includes sale price notice for our reminder, only ship order if complete, or any other little notes you want us to be aware of.


We do not process back orders. If an item is temporarily out of stock or is a pre-order or a coming soon item and has not been included in your order, we will then hold that portion of that order until the item(s) arrive, then ship. If you have a time frame of when you must have an item not currently available - you must make note of this on your order in the special instruction area. Any item ordered will be considered shipable and charged to your card upon shipment of parcel. If a special order has been made to supply you with any item at your request and you decide to cancel, you will be charged a 25% fee for our inconvenience, special order and re-stocking.


If you are sending a Money Order, Cashier's Check or *Personal Check (* refer to rules that apply for personal checks found above) your order will be sent to us as a 'Not a Firm Order'. What that means to us is, we will invoice and pick your order as we would a credit card order. The difference is, the funds are not secured. Due to the fact that some items may be limited in supply, should your payment not arrive within 10 days of the order submission, your order will be purged and all items returned to stock for those who have chosen to provide payment in a timely fashion.

All orders are filled on first come, first serve basis. We have thousands regular customers, if this is your first time ordering from us and your order comes in before one of our customers who order on a regular basis, your order is processed first. We have found this to be the fairest method to use and simple too as all of our secure on-line orders come dated and timed! As many of you are aware, with collectibles, a second can make all the difference in the world.

PRICING: Prices are subject to change.

Often times, when we run out of a collectible retired item, we purchase on the secondary market to have the selection available for you. We do not guarantee the lowest price available or make any refunds should you find the same item(s) at a lower price here or elsewhere at any time. The majority of our items are collectibles and as with any collectible the prices may vary.


Occasionally we provide Sales not privy to all visiting our web site. These are offers given only to our list-serv members. You may choose to use our Specials box found near the bottom of our home page to fill in the items you have ordered that are on sale or order in the usual manner by clicking on the image. Your sale price will be adjusted and to make sure, in the Special Instructions portion of the check out form, mention that some or all of your items ordered are SALE items. We usually catch on and a helpful hint is always welcome. Your shipping fees will be assessed on the regular price on the item(s) - not the sale price. All items, regardless of Sale or not are subject to stock on hand. You are responsible for notification to us during your order, in the special instruction area, if you only wish to have your order sent complete.

Policy and Procedure - Returns:

We are a service driven company. What this means to us, is that we will provide you with the best service and TLC we are capable of, while providing excellent product, availability, speedy delivery and excellent packaging. We value each and every one of our customers! We will and have many times gone above and beyond to obtain collectibles for many customers. We package all of our shipments with Extreme Care. On occasion there has been some breakage. If this happens to you, seek out the Claims paragraphs and follow those instructions.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with a purchase, simply let us know via email within 3 days of receiving your order. We will give you a credit from the Lace Haystack towards your next purchase with us upon return (receiving) of the item. (you will need to use your credit amount within 6 months or your credit will be purged from our system) You MUST get a Return Authorization ID item number from us. The item(s) MUST be returned in the original packaging. (ie: if there was a special box or foam it must be in that packaging). The parcel Must be packaged with extreme care! The parcel MUST be insured and tracked.(Please send us an email with the tracking # so we can watch for the parcel). You may send it regular parcel post to save yourself the additional shipping cost for return, (your cost) however, the parcel needs to reach us in the same condition that it left our warehouse … MINT CONDITION. You will not be given a credit for shipping, handling, insurance or tracking confirmation. Patterns, Sale items, food items, special order hand-made items, books, cards, candles, cookie cutters, or damaged goods - are not returnable for credit. All sales final on special orders, sales, specials, retired and discontinued items. We are reasonable regarding the time frame you have to return an item. It MUST arrive to us within 14 days of securing your return Authorization ID #. Even a slow boat from China can make it here within 14 days so we have found this to be a reasonable time frame. If the return authorized item does not arrive within the 14 day time frame, we can only assume you changed your mind and decided to keep the item(s). Your authorization number will be purged from our system and no further contact will be made questioning why you did not return the item(s). If you have decided that you do not need to contact us and follow our proceedures, then if/when we receive your return, your credit amount with the Lace Haystack will be charged an additional 25% restocking fee for our inconvenience. ie: you will not receive the total purchase replacement price. 25% of that amount will be deducted for our back-tracking and investigation efforts! ALSO your credit expiration will be dated beginning the day your parcel shipped as we will have no other record to go by. Your credit for the return item less the 25% will expire 6 months from date of original purchase shipped. Bottom line... get a return number from us and keep things simple!


We just hate it when this happens, but on rare occasion (and to certain areas) it has happened! We have found the US Mail to be the best way to ship with the least damage. We know! Many of you are amazed with this information, but it is true! That is why we have chosen the US Mail as our primary shipping method above all others.

All, and we mean ALL of our merchandise is inspected prior to shipping. The persons, who pick the product, inspect. The person who double-checks the pick - checks. AND our shippers - check. If there were awards given out to shippers, ours would win the Oscar hands down! They pack with Extreme Care and we receive thank you cards, emails and phone calls from our customers singing praise. So, on that rare occasion when something goes awry, here is what you do.

1.) Do not throw Anything away! Save all of the packing materials, including the box.

2.) The postal services, UPS, FedEx etc. have taken the responsibility to deliver your parcel in the same mint condition as it left our warehouse. If your item(s) were damaged, then the Carriers Service will cover the damage to your insured investment. NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY should you have any damage to ANY of your parcels, by ANY CARRIER.

3.) After the inspection, decide whether you will want this item replaced or a refund from the Insurance Company. If you want a replacement from us, the Insurance Company will send the refund for the merchandise damaged to us. If you DO NOT want your item replaced, then check the box to have the refund sent to you. (our preference is that you have the refund sent to you. You may re-order the item and it will be re-charged and re-sent to you.)

4.) We receive the information from the Insurance Co., complete our portion, then send it back. They complete the refund.

5.) This can sound confusing, however the process is quite simple. Luckily it is only necessary on rare occasions. Should you have to go through any of this - please accept our sincere apology in advance. Although we take extreme care to be sure your parcels arrive safely, we do know that accidents happen and truthfully we have no control over the parcel once it leaves our warehouse.

6.) This is your only option for resolving your claim. We would like to be notified via email should you have a pending claim. We may need to let you know if the damaged item(s) are still available for replacement should you choose to have it/them replaced.


We want to thank you for choosing the Lace Haystack. All of us here truly appreciate your business. Since our Web site presence we have met many wonderful people from all over the world. We are committed to providing all of you with the best service and merchandise available. We hope to have a long relationship with our customers, many of who have become friends and hope to provide the service you deserve.

Our heart-felt thanks for allowing us this opportunity.

The Staff at the Lace Haystack

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